CYD Outcome Areas

Creative Youth Development

Outcome Areas Tied to Research and Previous Frameworks


Young people develop their cognitive, creative, and artistic skills


What can I do?

“When I first came here, I came out of my comfort zone. It was amazing finding the skills that I have always had but not awakened before coming here. I have also learned the skills of time management, accountability, and communication.” – Shauna, Lynn, MA

Young people need places of support, in partnership with adult mentors, where they can design strategies for artistic action and pursue learning through multiple contexts. They further develop and showcase their skills in thinking critically and imaginatively about the world around them through high quality arts practices that build on their cultural legacies. They are able to gain artistic and expressive skills, as well as strengthen their skills in innovation, critical thinking and problem solving. They also develop cognitive abilities and skills in conceptualization, prototyping, and communication.


Young people explore and build a strong sense of self in relationship to others


Who am I and where do I belong?

“I have learned more about myself than I thought I could know. Thanks, for teaching me the value of work, the value of my individuality, and most importantly thank you for being there for me.” – Tamara, Salt Lake City, UT

Young people thrive with opportunities to strengthen their identities and develop meaningful relationships in quality healing-centered creative environments. Identity development is a combination of how you see yourself, how you relate to others, and how you integrate into the communities to which you belong. Young people strengthen their personal and social identity as they better understand past and present traumas and stereotypes, explore multiple possible selves, and build hope and desired paths for their future.


Young people catalyze change in their lives and communities


How can I contribute?

All of us have a certain fire inside of us that we want to activate, that we want to help change the world with. These summits help bring us all together to understand we are not alone.” – Christien, Baltimore, MD

Creative learning experiences reposition young people as cultural workers and change- makers at the center of communities, capable of advancing social justice causes. Young people become skilled in using the arts and communications media as tools to exert their voice and influence and as a way to connect to issues that matter to them. In so doing, hey become leaders in sharing more diverse forms of cultural expression and in better understanding and transforming systems needing change.