Blueprint Inputs

Blueprint Inputs

CalArts Community Arts Partnership, Valencia, CA.
CalArts Community Arts Partnership, Valencia, CA.

The CYD National Blueprint was developed over 18 months with input from 650+ stakeholders — youth, practitioners, funders, researchers — and driven by research, including a CYD National Partnership-commissioned report by the Forum for Youth Investment that maps opportunities for alignment between CYD and allied youth sectors and the CYD Field Survey led by Americans for the Arts.

Throughout the development of the Blueprint and as implementation begins, efforts continue to be made to engage the participation, input, and leadership of youth, alumni, community based organizations and culturally-specific programs in strengthening and steering the CYD field. Woven throughout the National CYD Blueprint are core values of the CYD Movement: racial equity and social justice, youth voice, and cross-sector collective action.



    • 2017 and 2016 Conference for Community Arts Education and CYD
      National Network Meetings
    • Action Team Meetings in November 2017
    • Deliberations and Input from Two-Day CYD National Stakeholder Meeting in July 2017 in Boston, MA
    • Community Conversation and Cross-Sector Panel and Discussion at
      Armory Arts Center in Pasadena, CA in February 2017
    • Federal Agency Cross-Sector Dialogue in September 2016 in Washington, D.C.
    • Deliberations and input from 2014 Creative Youth Development National Summit and the resulting Policy and Advocacy Agenda
    • Monthly CYD National Partnership Calls and Quarterly Meetings
    • Meetings and Conversations with CYD Partnership’s National Advisory Committee
    • Guild CYD Member Network Steering Committee Meetings
    • Guild CYD Member Network Meetings
    • AFTA Arts Education Council Meetings
    • Massachusetts Cultural Council’s CYD Advisory Committee meetings and conversations

Action Teams
Three, cross-sector Action Teams—the Visibility & Impact Team, the Funding Team, and the Field Building Team—of six to 10 national leaders and CYD stakeholders met via conference call from October through December 2017 and met in person in November 2017 to provide input on the Blueprint. Action team members also provided input on the drafts of the Blueprint as it was being written.

The Blueprint was written by Denise Montgomery of CultureThrive with input from nearly 650 stakeholders and key input from Heather Ikemire of the National Guild for Community Arts Education.

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