Our Vision

All young people will have equitable access to opportunities to develop their creative potential, to live richer, fuller lives and develop the critical learning and life skills they need to become active contributors to their communities.

The Creative Youth Development National Partnership is working in concert with the broader field to drive collective action in three strategic priorities to advance creative youth development:

  • VISIBILITY & IMPACT: Documenting and Communicating Outcomes and Impact
  • FUNDING: Building Pathways to Funding
  • FIELD BUILDING: Professional Development, Networking & Technical Assistance

What is Creative Youth Development?

Creative Youth Development (CYD) is a recent term for a longstanding theory of practice that integrates creative skill-building, inquiry, and expression with positive youth development principles, fueling young people’s imaginations and building critical learning and life skills.

The following videos showcase stories of youth experiences in leadership, racial equity and social justice, and collective action in their communities — the core values of Creative Youth Development.

National Action Blueprint Outlines Strategies for Positive Change

The Creative Youth Development National Partnership, in concert with more than 650 cross-sector stakeholders nationally, is calling for all young people to have equitable access to opportunities to: realize their creative potential; live richer, fuller lives; and develop the critical learning and life skills they need to become active contributors to their communities. Read the Blueprint.

Learn more about how people are putting the Blueprint to work.

Detroit, Michigan - Mosaic Singers in concert. The Mosaic Singers are part of Mosaic Youth Theatre, which provides free, professional quality theater and music training for teenagers in the Detroit area. Copyright Jim West

From the Blog

Meet the Partners

As you know, the CYD National Partnership includes the voices of practitioners, researchers, funders, and cross-sector partners who are committed to increasing equitable access to Creative Youth Development. We’ve

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Holding Space for Funders

A coalition of Creative Youth Development and allied funders are holding a Zoom space for on-going discussions and collective action on the first Thursday of each month, from 10-11:30am

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