Forum for Youth Investment to Conduct Research on Behalf of Partnership

Creative Youth Development National Partnership has contracted with the Forum for Youth Investment to conduct research to inform the National Blueprint for Creative Youth Development (CYD). The Blueprint is intended to serve as a strategic plan for advancing the field of CYD. 

The first phase of research, is underway and includes three primary components:

  1. An environmental scan consisting of a review of the Forum’s existing work, particularly its work on readiness, along with key documents from adjacent sectors such as workforce development and health and prevention;
  2. In-depth interviews with adjacent sector thought leaders; and
  3. Preparation of a written brief summarizing findings from the environmental scan and thought leader interviews. The brief will include recommendations regarding policy and partnership opportunities that will be shared in advance with participants in the National CYD Stakeholder meeting.

The Forum will conduct a second phase of work that will leverage feedback from the National Stakeholder Meeting and will result in a written report mapping opportunities for alignment with allied sectors and making strategic recommendations for policy, partnership, and practice.

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