Ashley Hare Appointed CYD National Coordinator

Ashley HareThe CYD National Partnership is delighted to welcome Ashley Hare as CYD National Coordinator, a role she has been serving in since June. Ashley is coordinating the work of the Partnership’s three, cross-sector Action Teams which are collaborating to achieve strategic goals articulated in the CYD National Action Blueprint in areas of Funding, Visibility and Impact, and Field Building.

Ashley brings deep experience to this position, as both an arts administrator, community organizer, and CYD practitioner. Code-switching as a young, multiracial, queer, female in institutional artistic and political spaces has given Ashley years of insight to collaboratively create effective, long-term strategies towards ending injustice. Ashley has facilitated programming within shelters for homeless youth, group homes, rehabilitation facilities, juvenile detention centers, public and private schools. She is the co-founder of InSite Consultants AZ, an organization that focuses on institutional change to impact equitable outcomes, and recently served as the arts learning director for the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture. She holds an MFA in Theatre for Youth from Arizona State University and a BA in Theatre and Business from Wesleyan College, Georgia. She serves as a board member for the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America.

Ashley has been serving as a member of the CYD National Action Team focused on Expanding Pathways to Funding since October 2017 and served as a facilitator during the 2017 CYD National Stakeholder Meeting in Boston. She is currently collaborating on the development of Americans for the Arts forthcoming CYD Toolkit as a literature review author.

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