Putting the CYD National Action Blueprint to Work (Recording Now Available)

Learn how you can use the recently released Creative Youth Development (CYD) National Action Blueprint as a resource in your work to advance the role of creativity in youth development. Led by the CYD National Partnership and a cross-sector coalition, this one-hour, interactive forum is designed for CYD practitioners and alumni, funders, researchers, and allied youth sector leaders.
During the forum, we discuss:

  • The CYD National Movement and Blueprint goals
  • How CYD aligns with the priorities of allied youth sectors, including education, juvenile justice, and afterschool
  • Recommendations for advancing CYD in three strategic priority areas
    • VISIBILITY & IMPACT: Documenting and Communicating Outcomes and Impact
    • FUNDING: Expanding Pathways to Funding
    • FIELD BUILDING: Professional Development, Networking, and Technical Assistance

Watch the full recording (1 hr)

See Stories of Impact (2 minutes each)

Hear from multiple stakeholders on how they have applied the Blueprint and its recommendations to their own work and communities:

  • Ashley Hare, Phoenix, AZ (Practitioner), shares how the Blueprint prompted a community meeting for arts practitioners hosted by the state arts commission and a local funder.
  • Matt D’Arrigo, Clare Rose Foundation, San Diego, CA (Funder), shares how a family foundation is supporting the implementation of the Blueprint through the cultivation of a local CYD Network in San Diego.
  • Kaile Shilling, Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network, Los Angeles, CA (Collaborative), shares how the Blueprint informed AIYN’s policy brief and helped to frame a local effort within a broader, national context.
  • Lauren Stevenson, Project 1324, Adobe, San Francisco, CA (Private Sector), shares how the Blueprint has informed the creation and development of a digital platform to support and connect a global community of young creators.

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