Applications Open for National Young Artist Summit 2020 Planning Committee

The National Young Artist Summit 2020 Planning Committee plans, coordinates and co-facilitates the 2020 National Young Artists Summit. Working with a group of young artists from across the country, committee members design a full-day Summit, providing opportunities for youth leaders, ages 13-20, from a range of artistic disciplines, to connect, create, and celebrate. The application deadline has been extended to May 11, 2020.

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Learning Series Returns: 4 More CYD Toolkit Sessions Available

The Creative Youth Development (CYD) Toolkit Series is a virtual learning series featuring dynamic online conversations with youth, experts, funders, and practitioners to explore new paths forward for supporting youth through creative youth development practice.

Practitioners will especially benefit from these conversations as they strive to support youth during this moment of crisis.

Advocacy and Policy

April 8, 2020  1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET, Free

“Working together and in a coordinated fashion, we can achieve more for young people” (CYD National Action Blueprint). This belief is at the heart of advocacy and policy efforts to advance creative youth development. By intentionally and flexibly navigating a multi-pronged advocacy strategy, developing strong networks, and keeping equity and youth leadership at the center, advocates can achieve a greater impact and remain adaptive to changes in the political environment and the field.

In this fourth webinar in the CYD Toolkit Series, Ed Spitzberg will share key trends from his landscape paper, “Advocacy and Policy” published by Americans for the Arts and the CYD National Partnership. Ed will be joined by field practitioners Jahiem Geovanni Jones, alumnus, and Tara Malik, Media, Arts, & Culture Director at RYSE; and Erik Peterson, Sr. Vice President of Policy at Afterschool Alliance. The discussion will be moderated by Sofia Fojas, Visual and Performing Arts District Level Director, Elk Grove Unified School District.

Read the “Advocacy and Policy” landscape analysis (PDF)

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Preparing Artists and Educators

April 28, 2020  1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET, Free

Preparing artists and educators for CYD practice requires more than basic orientation and professional development. Artists and educators must have a commitment to honor young people’s lived experiences and to support their stories and dreams through creative expression. They must create environments where racial equity, youth voice, and collective action are central.

In this fifth webinar in the CYD Toolkit Series, Travis Laughlin discusses key trends and recommendations from his landscape paper, “Preparing Artists and Educators,” published by Americans for the Arts and the CYD National Partnership. Some of these recommendations include hiring practicing artists and staff of diverse backgrounds, equity training, and authentic community engagement rooted in reciprocity and respect. In this webinar, Travis will be joined by teaching artists and other practitioners of this work.

Read the “Preparing Artists and Educators” landscape analysis (PDF)

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Funding, Sustainability, and Partnerships

May 29, 2020  1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET, Free

The funding and sustainability of CYD programs requires organizations to think creatively and broadly. While CYD has deep roots, the field is still coalescing. Creating sustainable funding practices for CYD requires field-building and collaboration between practitioners, funders, and other stakeholders that are not strictly in the arts.

In the sixth webinar in the CYD Toolkit Series, Meredith Eppel Jylkka discussed key trends and recommendations from her landscape paper, “Funding, Sustainability and Partnerships,” published by Americans for the Arts and the CYD National Partnership. Borrowing from field-building strategies and adjacent sectors, she and other key stakeholders will share insights into ways the CYD field can develop a range of funding and sustainability strategies by uplifting innovative programs, developing broad support networks, creating public-private partnerships, and more.

Read the “Funding, Sustainability, and Partnerships” landscape analysis (PDF)

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Program Evaluation

June 23, 2020  1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET, Free

Evaluating creative youth development practice builds on a long history of lived experience and an ever-growing body of knowledge in the youth development sector. The best touchstone for these evaluations is the value of “creative inquiry and expression” that underpins CYD itself. CYD evaluation strategies should align with the core values of the movement by involving youth in their design and application, honoring creative expression, and using mixed-methodological approaches that capture CYD’s holistic outcomes.

In this seventh webinar in the CYD Toolkit Series, Justin Jalea discusses trends and recommendations from his landscape paper, “Program Evaluation,” published by Americans for the Arts and the CYD National Partnership. He will be joined by practitioners that are integrating youth participation in program evaluation and using data to boldly and creatively demonstrate impact.

Read the “Program Evaluation” landscape analysis (PDF)

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Learn more about our previous sessions

This virtual learning series is brought to you by the Creative Youth Development National Partnership. One of the National Partners, Americans for the Arts, recently spearheaded the development of 7 written briefs authored by field experts as part of the first phase of a creative youth development toolkit for the field. All webinars are hosted by the National Guild for Community Arts Education and made possible by generous support from the Clare Rose Foundation.

Three Local CYD Peer Networks Selected for Support

Networks in Austin, TX; Becker County, MN; and Detroit, MI have been chosen, through a national proposal process, to participate in the CYD National Partnership’s CYD Local Networks Project. This project is designed to support the development of youth-centered, local CYD networks that align with the core values of CYD – youth voice, racial equity, and collective action. Networks will receive 11 months of professional development and technical assistance, led by CYD National Coordinator Ashley Hare, and will share back resources and lessons learned with the broader field. Support is designed to help networks develop and/or deepen engagement and action planning and to connect with CYD networks across the country to learn and share practices.

As stated in the CYD National Action Blueprint (2018): “An effective way for practitioners and other CYD stakeholders to support and learn from each other is through the development of local or regional peer learning networks [. . . ]Core to this strategy is the engagement of youth and community-based organizations, as well as funders, researchers, partners in allied youth sectors (i.e., youth development, workforce development, juvenile justice) and others that share a collective vision of advancing the role of creativity in positive youth development.”

Rural Becker County, Minnesota’s 4-H Extension program and county public health department are building their emerging CYD network by bringing together Creative Youth Development practitioners and youth leaders to share and build creative arts opportunities that support the health and wellness of young people in Becker County.

Abby Sellgren
Abby Sellgren

Leigh Nelson
Leigh Nelson

Detroit, Michigan’s Creative Youth Development Coalition was formed in 2017 as a space for CYD adult practitioners from various organizations to build collective activities reinforcing CYD values. As part of this 2020 Peer Learning Network cohort, they hope to gain insights on how to expand their network to include youth leadership.

Diamond Davis
Diamond Davis

Alisssa Novoselick
Alisssa Novoselick

Austin, Texas network is building upon the energy of young artists at Creative Action and other local CYD organizations who supported the Creative Youth Development’s National Young Artists Summit as the 2019 host site. This emerging youth-led network hopes to break silos across Austin and build a truly collaborative network with youth and adults. This project, supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, is part of the CYD Partnership’s effort to sustain the implementation of Blueprint strategies. The purpose is to develop and deepen connections among local CYD peer learning networks (emerging and sustaining), working in tandem towards CYD National Action Blueprint goals to build the field, support program quality, and raise the visibility of CYD among potential supporters. This strategy is informed by the Partnership’s current work to map the CYD network landscape and highlight effective practices, and by the demonstrated success of parallel regional network investment efforts.

Mickey Johnson
Mickey Johnson

Noah Martin
Noah Martin

The National Partnership Has Expanded

The Creative Youth Development National Partnership is comprised of organizations and individuals who are committing time, energy, and resources to implementing the National Action Blueprint, a “roadmap document” created with input from over 650+ stakeholders in the field. It identifies and prioritizes actionable strategies for increasing equitable access to creative youth development (CYD) for children and youth in the United States.

The Partnership—comprised of the National Guild for Community Arts Education, Mass Cultural Council, and Americans for the Arts—formed in 2014 to organize and accelerate cross-sector advancement of CYD as a field of practice and oversee the implementation of the 2014 policy agenda, Collective Action for Youth. Building on this agenda, as well as research and input from hundreds of stakeholders—youth, practitioners, researchers, funders, and stakeholders from allied youth sectors—the Partnership developed the National Action Blueprint to prioritize actionable strategies in three strategic areas: Visibility & Impact, Funding, and Field-Building.

Now, in 2019, the partnership continues the goals of Blueprint implementation, but has expanded the National Partnership to include all three Blueprint Action Team members. This expansion ensures the voices of practitioners, researchers, and cross-sector partners are part of increasing equitable access to Creative Youth Development.

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WANTED: Your Creative Youth Development Videos

Stories of youth experiences in Creative Youth Development have tremendous potential to make a real difference in awareness and support of the CYD movement nationwide and locally.

Our national CYD network is collecting video URLs from practitioners that feature students’ voices and boldly and creatively tell their stories. Short videos will be embedded on the Creative Youth Development National Partnership website to help communicate our collective story more strategically to funders, government agencies, policy makers, organizations, artists, funders, researchers, and other stakeholders.

Submit your organization’s video URL and be included in our national story. This video directory is inclusive.

Video Guidelines

  • 2-3 minutes average length
  • prominent student voice
  • demonstrate CYD core values of creativity, social justice, youth perspective

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2018

Here are two examples:


Join Us for the National Young Artists’ Summit

Logo for the National Youth Arts Summit. Designed by Maya Brooks of the Youth Planning CommitteeWhen: November 17 in Baltimore, Maryland
Who: Young Artists and Creatives ages 13-24.

This full-day Summit, entirely designed and led by young people, provides opportunities for youth leaders, ages 13-24, from a range of artistic disciplines, to connect, create, and celebrate.

The Summit has been planned by a core team of young artists from Baltimore, San Diego, and Detroit, who are working in concert with their peers across the country to shape this incredible experience. The Summit is free to youth, but pre-registration is required. Space is limited. Lunch is provided.

This event is being hosted in concert with the 2018 Conference for Community Arts Education, a national convening which aims to ensure all people have opportunities to maximize their creative potential.

Travel Stipends Available. Register by October 30.

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Logo Designed by Maya Brooks of the Youth Planning Committee

Questions? Contact Ashley Hare, CYD National Coordinator.